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Protest against abortion takes place while Chilean president meets with Pope Francis

They are "The Women in White for Life.� While Chilean President Michelle Bachelet met with Pope Francis, they prayed like this in St. Peter's Square. They asked that abortion not be legalized in Chile.

There were both Chileans and Italians present for the protest.


"We want to be the generation that puts an end to this drama. I, as a woman, simply say that the state should give more mothers the psychological and economic help that they need.�


"I also think that we should move toward a culture of life and not one of death.�

The president didn't discuss the topic during a brief press conference after the meeting. And it seems that the members of government who came with her did not change their mind either.


President of the Chamber of Deputies of Chile

"The dignity, the humanity, the protection of the dignity of women and life are values that we share. It's why we, as believers or not, eventually we support, and we are going to approve the termination of pregnancy for therapeutic reasons.�

The Chilean government appears set to allow abortions in some cases for women above the age of 18. Girls between 14 and 18 can do so with their parents approval, and those under 14 can do it with authorization from their legal representative or a judge.