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Meet the Catholic woman who became the first armless person to fly a plane

Jessica Cox was born with a major physical disability, but that hasn't stopped her from living life to the fullest. 


"Rightfooted� Documentary

"And since birth I've lived my whole life with my feet, and have done things like driving a car with my feet, learned to write all the papers in college, graduated with a degree, and became a motivational speaker, along with becoming the first armless pilot to fly with just my feet.�

The Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Nick Spark documented her life for years, and the end result is a film called "Rightfooted.�


"Rightfooted� Documentary

"He asked if I wanted to do this documentary, and I was interested too at the time. And we started a three year journey, which was originally only supposed to cover my wedding, but then went and the film crew followed us to Ethiopia to help with inclusive education for people with disabilities. And also to the Philippines after the super typhoon.�

As a motivational speaker, Cox has shared her wisdom and experience with thousands of people. And now she is hoping that the documentary can be an even bigger platform for her positive message.


"Rightfooted� Documentary

"The message that I hope the documentary conveys is the sanctity of life, that all life is sacred, with or without a disability. And that people with disabilities can be do great things if they're given the opportunity.�

Cox is also a Catholic, and she even met with Pope Benedict XVI after her historic flight. She said that her faith has helped her in difficult times.


"Rightfooted� Documentary

"I was truly blessed with wonderful parents, a supportive community, and a wonderful, profound faith that helped me get through my challenges.�

The movie has received positive reviews, and it won the "Best Documentary� prize at the "Mirabile Dictu� Film Festival, which is hosted by the Vatican.