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Rome Reports

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Mayoral proposals in the Vatican: problems and solutions for big cities

These mayors are from the world's main capitals. They agree: Pope Francis' call to action is revolutionary. 


Mayor of Rome (Italy)

"It's extraordinarily symbolic that this meeting is happening in the same place where centuries ago Galileo Galilei was tried.�


Mayor of Madrid (Spain)

"I believe that everything I see and read from Pope Francis is an example. I advocate that any authority, whether it is religious, local or political, follow his example.�

During a two day Vatican conference more than 60 mayors applauded the Pope for being the first globally influential voice to speak clearly about the relationship between climate change, poverty and modern forms of slavery. Even more than that they applauded the Pope's efforts to involve local leaders in the fight against climate change. 


Popular Movements (Spain)

"People live on the local scale: in the suburbs, in the city, in the countryside. And I think it's very important that these proposals are brought there and result in policies that will do more for care of the Earth.�

Over the course of two days, they shared experiences, challenges and solutions. For example, there were two innovative proposals that came from Brazil to combat poverty by improving the environment. 


Assistant Mayor of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

"Rio de Janeiro has the two main urban reforestation programs in the world, giving employment for the poor and vulnerable in their own communities�


Mayor of Porto Alegre (Brazil)

"We are doing a selective collection process of solid waste throughout the whole city giving jobs to 800 people who were in the landfills and are now part of this collection team.�

In northern Europe innovative, sustainable solutions are being carried out even at the housing level.


Mayor of Stockholm (Sweden) 

"We also have our own building companies that produce houses that are more climate neutral than before and the market accepts them.�

The effects of climate change on crops were also addressed. 


Mayor of Siquirres (Costa Rica)

"We've had flooding especially in areas with banana and pineapple plantations and this is a phenomenon which we hadn't tested for many years and this is directly associated with climate change.�


Mayor of Santa Fe (Honduras)

"We have some hydroelectric projects with bad practices upstream. So, what happened? There have been landslides in the lowlands and people have undergone flooding.�

Their conclusions will help improve the care of our common home, just as the Pope urges in his encyclical "Laudato Si.�