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Nico Montero: Part-time high school director, part-time Christian music star

Music is in Nico Montero's blood. He has been composing since he was 13 years old, and has performed in over 1,000 concerts in Europe and America. His 12 albums have sold more than 75,000 copies and he was one of the artists present at the WYDs in Madrid and Rio.

His talent did not go unnoticed in Spain, where he was encouraged to compete in "The Voice.” However, Nico had other plans.



"I told them on several occasions that it was not what I wanted, that I do not have such aspirations, and that I do not want to stop doing what I do. I feel very free and very happy with what I do. My music is only meant to give thanks to God, and spread more faith to people everywhere.”

He is not just a musician but a philosopher, theologian, father of four, as well as the director of "Fernando Aguilar,” one of the largest and most infamous high schools in Cádiz. 



"It was an institute that, when I arrived, had several issues with coexistence and drug use. After 17 years of intense work with the professors, we have managed to turn the institute into a place of peace.”

There are many places and people that Nico has reached with his songs. His music has the feeling of light pop that has deeper meanings for people with higher aspirations of faith.