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Lutheran deacon for 40 years, now a Catholic thanks to St. John of the Cross

She served as a Lutheran deacon in Sweden for 40 years, conducting prayer groups and Bible studies among her parish's faithful. She also frequently visited elderly people living alone; a series of tasks typical to her role as a deacon in the Lutheran Church. 

On her road to conversion to the Catholic faith, she was assisted by Sweden's new cardinal, and learned about his devotion to a Spanish saint.

“I went to a retreat by Carmelite brother Anders Arborelius; he is now the bishop of Sweden, and he taught us about John of the Cross. That was also an important stage for me."

In the following years, she read several books about the saints and she was increasingly attracted to the Catholic Church. During Easter 2015, she became involved with the Catholic Church, thanks to the help of a passionate polish priest, Fr. Wojtec.

The Orthodox Church has also had a leading role in her conversion. Thanks to this institution, she began a devotion to Jesus' cross and the Virgin Mary.

"I was very special for me and also that I used to do like this very often in the church. I still used to do like this in the Orthodox way. But the Holy Mary became more alive for me by the icons and all other saints.”

Monalisa Geidemark began to question her presence in the Lutheran Church when the pressure to accept and promote women priests was increasing over the years. She believes it is an idea that is not theologically supported; as, in fact, Christ chose 12 men as his successors.