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Mosaic of Bolivian “Our Lady of Copacabana” inaugurated in the Vatican Gardens

Bright and colorful, this is Our Lady of Copacabana. The mosaic was recently inaugurated in the Vatican Gardens. It was made in the city of Verona, Italy, by the well-known artist, Poli.

In attendance were the bishops from Bolivia, who had their ad limina visit with Pope Francis this week.

Archbishop of Sucre
"It's a significant moment. Why? Because the Bolivian people identify with the Blessed Mother in different ways and, above all, as Our Lady of Copacabana, Our Lady of the Lake, Our Lady who inspired Tito Yupanqui to evangelize to the Aymara world."

On December 15, Evo Morales will visit the Vatican to meet with Pope Francis for the sixth time. It will be a meeting in which dialogue will be a fundamental part. 

According to the Bolivian ambassador to the Holy See, who presided over the event, it will be a good opportunity to build bridges. 

Bolivian Ambassador to the Holy See
"Pope Francis is close to us, he is spiritually close to the needs of the people in Bolivia and I believe that the president's visit comes precisely to reaffirm the great friendship that exists between Bolivia and the pope. He is a pope that is very close to Latin America and very close to Bolivia."

In 2013, Evo Morales criticized and even accused Bolivian bishops of stealing. At the event, the Archbishop of Sucre downplayed this criticism.

Archbishop of Sucre
"I want to make a comparison. It is true that in a home spouses love each other, respect each other, and work for their children. However, sometimes there are some misunderstandings, right? It is the fruit of life, experienced every day, so we must seek dialogue."

The presence of Our Lady of Copacabana in the Vatican Gardens is another example that even in the smallest State in the world, there is room for every country.