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Rome Reports

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Pope Francis makes surprise visit to home for imprisoned women with their small children

The pope rang the doorbell before entering into this harsh reality. “Casa di Leda,” on the outskirts of Rome, houses women who have committed minor offenses and are halfway free as well as their small children. 

“She's the smallest one in the house.”

“Good afternoon.”

“What's her name?”



In this way, these women can live with their children inside a friendlier environment than the cold walls of a prison. The house belonged to a criminal organization. It was confiscated and is now used to offer an opportunity to these mothers. 

Pope Francis closely listened to a moving letter written by children of inmates, the testimonies of these mothers and also explanations from those who help them. The pope also received these gifts made by the women. 

Just in case the surprise of his visit wasn't enough, the Holy Father had another one prepared, this time, for the children. He presented them with these huge Easter eggs, nearly as big as the children themselves.