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Pope Francis: God is close to us, especially when sin makes us weak and confuses us

The pope presided over this penitential Lenten ceremony that is part of the initiative "24 hours for the Lord," a special day in which the Church wants to promote the sacrament of confession and Eucharistic adoration. Therefore, in each diocese, a parish remained open for prayer.

In St. Peter's Basilica, there were also several priests available for anyone to go to confession.

Pope Francis delivered a hopeful homily recalling that, although sin separates one from God, God never distances Himself from the sinner.

“The state of weakness and confusion that results from sin is one more reason for God to remain close to us. The certainty of this should accompany us throughout our lives.”

He also explained that God’s love knows no limits nor boundaries and he invited each person to be loved by Him.

“The love of God is always greater than anything we can imagine; it even reaches beyond any sin with which our conscience may charge us. His is an infinite love, one that knows no bounds. It is free of all those obstacles that we, for our part, tend to set in front of others, out of fear that they may strip us of our freedom.”

Then the basilica fell silent for all to carry out the examination of conscience. 

After a few minutes, the pope went to the confessional to confess.

Afterward, he entered a confessional and some people had the opportunity to go confess to him.