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“Dream team” deciphers Pope Francis in new book

Inspired by an Italian book expanding upon the vocabulary that Pope Francis has frequently used throughout his papacy, two American journalists have now published an English version. 

“A Pope Francis Lexicon” compiles short essays from a wide array of public figures, hoping to provide even deeper insight into the mind of St. Peter's current successor. 

Editor, “A Pope Francis Lexicon”

“Our idea was to take it kind of to the next level. We really wanted to go to bishops and theologians, who could examine the different ways the pope has spoken over his five years of ministry.”

As veteran Vatican correspondents, McElwee and co-editor Cindy Wooden have closely followed Jorge Bergoglio's pontificate, observing along the way the lasting impressions his favorite terms have left on certain people. 

Wooden and McElwee drafted a “dream team” of clergy and lay people alike to decipher the quintessential Pope Francis. More than 50 writers ranging from cardinals to university professors expounded on words that were especially relevant to their personal paths.  

Whether it's a section on periphery, or the role of grandparents, the book's editors believe it will allow each person to more fully grasp Pope Francis' messages. 

Editor, “A Pope Francis Lexicon”

“I hope that readers will read this book and come to a deeper understanding of some of the things the pope is trying to say; to see not only what these words mean to the pope, but what kind of an impact they have on their own lives.”

As the Holy Father's unconventional papacy moves forward, more phrases will undoubtedly be coined. For now, the public has “A Pope Francis Lexicon” as a guide to understanding his ministry.