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Rome Reports

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Theater group travels to Rome from Mexico to perform work written by John Paul II

They've come across the pond from Mexico to Rome to perform “The Goldsmith's Workshop,” a play written by John Paul II before being ordained a priest. The work involves the family and love. 

Director, “The Goldsmith's Workshop”

That's exactly why we came, to perform the work, because we have been invited in honor of 25 years since the reestablishment of relations between Mexico and the Vatican. We're here on the part of the embassy in collaboration with the Holy See that invited us here to bring this work in Spanish.”

The group will perform the play at St. Peter's Church in Vincoli, which houses Michelangelo's famous “Moses.”

Actor, “The Goldsmith's Workshop”

“The experience of bringing theater to another country is a very interesting cultural exchange because we can bring some of our art here. Hopefully everyone who goes will enjoy it and take something away from “The Goldsmith's Workshop,” which has that wonderful message of love.”

Productor, “The Goldsmith's Workshop”
“It touches on love, family and unity. From Mexico, from “The Goldsmith's Workshop,” we want to share this message with the entire world. It carries a message because it was written by John Paul II when he was an average boy.”

Before performing the work, they were at the pope's General Audience. Seeing the Holy Father up-close was the only other thing necessary to make this trip a dream come true.