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Angelo Becciu comments on criticism of pope: He is calm, but the words still hurt

As time goes by and reforms advance, criticisms of the pope also increase.

Pope Francis is still favorably viewed, even though some harshly criticize his measures.

MSGR. ANGELO BECCIU Substitute, Vatican Secretariat of State "He is calm. To confront this, he uses the Jesuit spirit and the third degree of asceticism: that of being indifferent to some things. But he is a human being, so he also suffers. Some critics, besides being gratuitous, reach the core of one's being. Like him betraying Church doctrine... this is not true. He does not accept this and it is the most serious accusation that one can receive."

Angelo Becciu is number three in the Vatican. During a presentation of a book on St. Francis, he also revealed the simplicity with which the pope celebrated the fifth anniversary of his election.

MSGR. ANGELO BECCIU Substitute, Vatican Secretariat of State "He was calm and content, but he didn't hold a celebration. Instead, he continued his work plans and meetings, as if nothing had happened."

The book, "Francis the rebel," does not refer to the pope, but to the saint. The motive, established by its author, Enzo Fortunato, maintains that the saint's message has not gone out of style. Even more, his message is so necessary today, that even a pope decided to take his name.