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Rome Reports

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Pope Francis at General Audience: Lord's Prayer is "prayer for excellence”

Following weeks of cold, good weather finally made its way to Rome. Thus, Pope Francis' General Audience could be celebrated in St. Peter's Square. 

The pope greeted the infants, as usual...

He also invited these little ones onto the popemobile. 

The Holy Father continued his catechesis series on the Mass, this time focusing on the Lord's Prayer. He explained it's not just a prayer, but rather one “for excellence.”

“It's the prayer for the excellence of children of God. It drives us toward God, calling Him 'Father.' This is the best way to prepare ourselves to receive Jesus in Communion. In it, we ask for 'our daily bread.'”

Pope Francis said the Lord's Prayer allows Catholics to ask for forgiveness for sins and from those they've offended as well as for their daily bread. All of them, the pope says, prepare the faithful for Communion. The Holy Father also mentioned other important rites in the Mass. 

“The sign of peace expresses unity and mutual love before approaching to receive the sacrament. After, the breaking of the bread takes place. It's the gesture Jesus made at the Last Supper and allowed the disciples to recognize him after the Resurrection, like in Emmaus.”

After explaining the significance of these rites, the pope turned his focus to the pilgrims and made them a request. 

“Let's not forget the grand prayer, the one Jesus taught us and which he prayed to the Father. It would be nice before singing it later, to do it now, to end this encounter by praying together the Lord's Prayer. Each person in his or her language. Let's pray together.”

Before bidding farewell, the Holy Father urged Catholics to ask for Mary's help during the Lenten season to prepare themselves for Easter.