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Spanish students meet Pope Francis on their graduation trip

Graduation trips are synonymous with festive fun, but this group of Spanish students also took advantage of an opportunity to see Pope Francis up-close. 

GLORIA EGEA Colegio Carmelitas Misioneras Teresianas “I thought we were going to see him from farther away, but we ended up in the third row and were very close. I really enjoyed it.”

Colegio Carmelitas Misioneras Teresianas

“The experience of having seen the pope on TV and later seeing him in person was very exciting. We liked it so much because it was really beautiful, and we didn't expect it to be like that.”

Despite the joy the students are experiencing on this trip, they can't help but be reminded of their upcoming exams as soon as they return home. 

Colegio Carmelitas Misioneras Teresianas

“We have exams immediately after we get back, but whatever, it's a trip to enjoy because we're only going to do it once in life.”

The graduation trip is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, especially if it includes a visit to the Vatican and meeting the pope.