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Children's choir turned YouTube success launches first original carol

This is the first original carol of the Tajamar choir from Madrid. It is a group of children from ages nine to 11.

For years, each Christmas, they had wide success on YouTube, turning great pop hits into carols.

This year they wanted to write an original song. It's called “Frío en Belén,” “Cold in Bethlehem.” It tells the story of the Nativity from St. Joseph's perspective.

Tajamar Choir (Madrid)
“The composition process started with an idea I had with the choir director. We want to draw attention to the person of St. Joseph, who seems to be the hidden character of that night. We focused on writing lyrics showing the wonders he experienced.”

For 10 years, they have turned songs from other artists, like Michael Jackson and Melendi, into carols.

For the choir director, this year's carol marks a new stage for their music.

Director, Tajamar Choir (Madrid)
“We had accumulated enough experience to make an original composition. We are proud of how this year turned out and we hope it will be this way for many more years.”

Raúl Larrocha says carols are the perfect medium for cultivating the true meaning of Christmas among society's youngest members.

Director, Tajamar Choir (Madrid)
“Carols are a way to express the joy one feels in front of humanity's greatest event, the fact that God became man.”

“May these carols reach many people to spread this message. I think schools should teach Christmas songs.”

For now, the Tajamar choir isn't planning any performances outside its city. However, they've already reached the rest of the world on YouTube.

Carlos Kestler
Translation: Claudia Torres