Pope Francis: “More suitable and effective” responses must be made to migration crisis

Pope Francis met with the 130 members of the International Catholic Migration Commission. 

During the encounter, the pope denounced the “inhumane conditions” in which migrants and refugees live and called for concrete responses to assist them. According to the UN, there are 65 million displaced people worldwide. 

POPE FRANCIS “In order to set free those who today are oppressed, rejected and enslaved, it is essential to promote open and sincere dialogue with government leaders, a dialogue that takes into account people’s actual experiences. Together we must encourage countries to coordinate more suitable and effective responses to the challenges posed by issues of migration.”

The pope recalled the United Nations is preparing a global agreement on migrants and refugees. The Holy Father said it's important for the Church to contribute to this compact by spreading awareness of the situations in so many parts of the world. 

The International Catholic Migration Commission was founded by Pius XII following World War II with the goal of being the Church's voice on issues involving migrants and refugees. 

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