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The pope appoints a woman to lead the Vatican Museums


Her name is Barbara Jatta, and she will be the first woman to lead the Vatican Museums, one of the most important in the world. She has worked for years in the Vatican Library, where she was in charge of restoration of engravings. 

She was the commissioner of a great exhibition in Rome with works that had never before left the Vatican. 

Vatican Apostolic Library
"Maybe the most important is the Bodmer Papyrus 14-15, that is, the first known transcript of the Gospel, which dates from the end of the second century to beginnings of the third.”

For six months, she had been the main collaborator of the former director, Antonio Paolucci. 

After January 1st, this Roman scholar will be in charge of the third most visited museum in the world, after the Louvre in Paris and the Metropolitan Museum in New York.