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The pope's friend, an Argentine rabbi, gives him an elaborate edition of the Torah


Today the pope met with one of his Argentine friends, Rabbi Abraham Skorka, who, along with a delegation of Jews, gave him a special edition of the Torah, the first five books of the Bible.

"Dear Pope Francis, dear friend, dear brother..."

The pope stressed that "in the midst of so many human words that lead to division and competition, these divine words of covenant, open paths of goodness that we can travel together."

"The fraternal and institutional dialogue between Jews and Christians has been consolidated and effective through continuous and collaborative dialogue. Your gift today is part of this dialogue, which is not expressed only with words, but also with gestures."

The pope liked this edition of the Torah very much, and mentioned that the comments and illustrations are very good; but as always, the spiritual value of the text infinitely exceeds the material value.

- BN