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The steps the pope has taken to rediscover the role of women


Since the beginning of his pontificate, Pope Francis has said that one of the Church's challenges is clearly explaining the role of women. 

July 28, 2013
"Women, in the Church, are more important than bishops and priests. How? This is something we have to try to still make more explicit.”

In fact, he himself has started to work on this problem, beginning by explaining erroneous interpretations of the Bible. For example, what does it mean that woman was created from man's rib? 

"The image of a woman coming from Adam's rib, does not express inferiority or subordination. On the contrary, men and women are of the same substance. They are complimentary.”

On many occasions, the pope has expressed his thoughts on women. He says they are stronger than many think.

"This is my opinion: women are more courageous than men.”

He also says that without women, the world would lose two fundamental elements: mothers and affection.

"Without her the world would not be so beautiful, it would not be harmonious.”

He has also denounced ideologies, such as gender. He says that the differences between men and women should not be seen as obstacles, but rather as realities to be rediscovered.

"It is impossible to deny the contribution of modern culture to the rediscovery of the dignity of sexual difference. Therefore, it is also very disconcerting to observe that this culture has a tendency to cancel out difference instead of resolving the problems that mortify it."

Pope Francis is putting his words into action regarding the role of women in society and the Catholic Church. That is why he has created a commission to study the early roles of women in the Church, met with victims of gender violence, and promoted campaigns like this.