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Pope Francis

Pope sends condolences to Manchester after attack

May 23, 2017. After the deadly terrorist attack at Victoria Station in Manchester, England, the pope has sent his condolences to the victims and their families.

Montse Grases, with contagious joy and a passion for basketball, could be declared saint


Her name is Montse Grases, she is from Barcelona, and would have been 75 today, but died at the age of 18. Pope Francis declared her "venerable” almost one year ago. 

During this meeting in Rome to remember her, they confirmed that the beatification process continues to advance

She liked basketball, tennis, music, dancing and theater, and had many friends. Together with friends, she gave catechesis to poor children and brought them toys and sweets.

They say that she was a very happy girl, who also shared contagious joy in the most painful moments of the terminal cancer that caused her premature death.

Theologian and Historian
"She was one of those who, if someone said 'hey, would you like to do this?', said yes. It was a way to accompany the other person, her friend, and to make them happy by doing what they liked. That is at the hand everybody.”

Causes of the Saints, Prelature of Opus Dei
"She is an attractive figure because she is a girl who had many friends, a very nice girl, who liked music, theater ... and had many qualities."

In 1954 she met Opus Dei, and little by little, she realized that God called her to this path of the Church. She had a life full of projects ahead of her, and wanted to follow God without doing anything extraordinary.

She wasn't carried away by pessimism when she was diagnosed with the disease that took her life on March 26, 1959.

Theologian and Historian
"Once she was asked how her leg ache was. She responded, it's as if a rabid dog is biting my knee and does not let go."

Postulator of the cause of Montse Grases
"What does she teach us? That she, in her daily life, she learned to love the will of God, and abandon herself in the hands of God, so that when the disease arrived, she was ready to accept it. It would be false to say, "Well, she had an uneventful life without anything special, but the illness came as a knockout" ... I want to point out her previous life, when she was with her companions, with her friends, when she went on excursions.”

There are prayer cards to spread her devotion in many languages. In 2014, more than 40,000 were edited in German, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Filipino. With her testimony, she serves as a reminder that it is really possible to find God, and relate to Him in one's own environment, family, and work. 

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