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Pope Francis: address God in difficult times, even if it sounds like an self-interested prayer


Some of the pilgrims who awaited the arrival of Pope Francis received him with excessive zeal.

Then, in his catechesis, Pope Francis recalled that it is not wrong to pray in difficult times, although it may appear that we only remember God when we need Him.

"But God knows our weakness, He knows that we remember Him when we need help, and with the forgiving smile of a father, He responds with kindness."

He remembered the parable of the prophet Jonah in the Old Testament. During their time on the boat, a storm causes sailors to fear for their life and turn, each to their god to ask for help. Praying in difficult times, he said, fuels hope.

"May the Lord make us understand this relationship between prayer and hope. Prayer leads you closer to hope and when darkness comes, the more prayer, the more hope there will be."

Death, therefore, can lead to salvation. Pope Francis pointed out that God is patient and is able to wait until at the last moment of life to draw men to Himself. He does not give anyone's life away.