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Regina Coeli: Pope calls Catholics to be instruments of justice and reconciliation


Pope Francis prayed the Regina Coeli before thousands of pilgrims, which is recited instead of the Angelus until the next Sunday of Pentecost. Pope Francis explained that this change in prayer is due to the importance of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, which marks the Catholic faith.

"During this period after Easter, Sunday has a much more illuminated meaning."

Pope Francis recalled that the week after Easter, the Church celebrates the feast of Divine Mercy. He said that attitude is a central part of the faith, even if the Jubilee is over.

"Mercy, in short, forces all to be instruments of justice, reconciliation and peace. Let us never forget that mercy is the key to the life of faith, and the concrete way in which we visibility contribute to the resurrection of Jesus."

After the Regina Coeli, the pope recalled the recent beatification of the Spanish priest Luis Antonio Rosa Ormières. He also greeted lively groups from the Netherlands, Germany and, of course, Italy.