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Pope Francis

Pope sends condolences to Manchester after attack

May 23, 2017. After the deadly terrorist attack at Victoria Station in Manchester, England, the pope has sent his condolences to the victims and their families.

Spectacular swearing-in ceremony of the new Swiss Guards


Pope Francis met with forty new Swiss Guard recruits, who came to the Vatican with their families.

It was the anniversary of the day that 147 guards gave their lives to save Pope Clement VII in the year 1527. 

"Today you are not called to this heroic surrender of physical life, but to another sacrifice no less difficult: to serve the power of faith. Faith is a valid barrier to resisting the forces and powers of this earth, and above all to the 'prince of this world', who is the 'father of lies.'"

In the afternoon they took the solemn oath, where they vowed to defend the lives of St. Peter's successsors with their own. It was a spectacular ceremony. 

First, one of the officers called each recruit.

The recruit approached the flag and raised three fingers, which served as a symbol of the Holy Trinity. Then, he swore to defend the Pope.

It was an intense ceremony, which included a brief concert by the Swiss Guard's band. A serious army, with a great sense of humor.

- BN