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The Bible comes to life with exact replica of Noah's Ark


Thousands of migrants rescued in past 48 hours from dramatic conditions in Mediterranean


Imam of Al-Azhar prays at the Paris Bataclan concert hall, scene of the attacks of November 13th


The Grand Imam of al-Azhar: "Let us close ranks to confront terrorism"


Historic meeting between the Pope and Grand Imam of Al Azhar, the main Sunni leader


Artist creates gigantic works of art along the Tiber River


Doctors with Africa: Please help South Sudan. They need almost everything


A hundred basilicas around the world will join in a global rosary for priests


One family takes nine months to travel the world and raise $1 million for orphaned children


Syrian bishops and religious organizations look for signatures against sanctions on Syria


Women: An example of their role in the Church


The anonymous heroes of the refugee crisis


Hundreds of pilgrims venerate the relics of the Fatima visionaries in the cathedral of Rome


Young woman from Pakistan is working with the ACN to end Christian persecution


Caritas: Humanitarian crisis in South Sudan is one of the most terrible in the world


Posted robbery video helps nuns recover statue


Three countries where being Catholic is even more difficult


Nuns publish video of a robbery at their church to find the thief