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World Youth Day organizers create a mosaic with thousands of youth photos


A Christian Clothing line offers a trendy and meaningful message


Paul Batthi: Attack against Christians in Pakistan was because of government acts against radicals


Congress in Rome brings hundreds of Catholic communicators together


The official World Youth Day song is finalized in over 40 languages, including sign language


Syrian refugee carries the Olympic torch of the 2016 Rio Games


Kids from around the world voice their opinion on the severity of climate change


Bishop brings together poor Caribbean communities by building unity


Lebanese Store owner is paying it forward by providing goods to a local refugee community


Grassroots Foundation tries to unite Catholics and Orthodox people


Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem: If the West creates wars, it must accept the consequences


The story of the Japanese samurai who could be declared a saint


The car Pope Francis drove during his visit to Washington D.C. being used for a good cause


Iraqi bishop: ISIS is brainwashing a whole generation of children in fanaticism


About the Moria refugee camp in Lesbos: This is like living in Guantánamo


Expedition takes Pope's encyclical to the North Pole to alert society on climate change


Card. Nichols explains the Pope's campaign to the UN, in effort to end human trafficking


Cardinal Filoni: “Will there be a better future for Iraq and its people?”