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Defending Religious Freedom through the Court System


For the last 30 years, Alan Sears has seen the effects laws can have on entire nations, communities and ultimately, over time, on cultures.   

CEO Alliance Defending Freedom
"I’ve seen in so many ways, what law can do for the good and what law can do to destroy.” 

He's the CEO of Alliance Defending Freedom.  An international group of attorneys who advocate for people's right to freely live out their faith. They have a presence all over the world. Most of their cases are connected to freedom of conscience and the right to defend life. 

CEO Alliance Defending Freedom
"The view that anyone who is disabled, anyone who is an elderly position where they cannot care for themselves or anyone who is yet unborn is less of a person.”

Out of over 2,400 attorneys, only about 40 of them are on the payroll. The rest donate their time and expertise in roughly 35 countries. 

From defending marriage between a man and a woman to the rights preachers have to express their faith. In fact, most recently they took up a popular case in the city of Houston. 

CEO Alliance Defending Freedom
"The mayor’s legal council served a subpoena on five different pastors demanding 17 different kinds of records and information from the pastors and their churches including private communications between the parishioners and the pastors.”

The mayor's office eventually withdrew the subpoena when the Alliance got involved. As far as their legal cases on marriage between a man and woman, he says, it's not the first time marriage has taken center stage in the courts. 

CEO Alliance Defending Freedom
"It’s far from over, it’s actually just beginning People forget that there’s already been a battle for marriage in the U.S that took almost 40 years, it was over something called polygamy.”

In addition to offering their services, the Alliance has trained over 1,400 law students, offering more than 3,000 grants to take on cases that defend religious freedom.