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Pope Francis

Pope Francis: No people is criminal and no religion is terrorist

February 17, 2017. Pope Francis has sent an important message to the Meetings of Popular Movements that is taking place in Modesto (California). The pope denounces the "moral blindness of this indifference”: "under the guise of what is politically correct or ideologically fashionable, one looks at those who suffer without touching them. But they are televised live; they are talked about in euphemisms and with apparent tolerance, but nothing is done systematically to heal the social wounds or to confront the structures that leave so many brothers and sisters by the wayside”.

The government of the Order of Malta will elect the successor of the Grand Master in April

February 15, 2017. On April 29, the Council Complete of State, the Order’s constitutional body, will elect the next Grand Master of the Sovereign Order of Malta (or, as provided for in the Constitution, a Lieutenant of the Grand Master, to hold office for a year).
Pope Francis

Pope names a Special Envoy for Medjugorje

< style> February 11, 2017. Pope Francis has asked Henryk Hoser, S.A.C., bishop of Warsaw-Prague (Poland), to go to Medjugorje as Special Envoy of the Holy See. According< g> the Vatican, "the mission has the aim of acquiring a deeper knowledge of the pastoral situation there and above all, of the needs of the faithful who go there in pilgrimage, and on the basis of this, to suggest possible pastoral initiatives for the future”.

Pope Francis advances eight new causes of sainthood

January 23, 2017. On January 20, Pope Francis met with Cardinal Angelo Amato, the prefect for the Congregation for the Causes of Saints to announce the publication of decrees for the advancement of eight causes of sainthood.

YouTubers create first ever quality Biblical video game


The Biblical story of David comes to life through the largest digital media form of our day: video games. With the continued rise of gamers, a shift has taken place: more girls over age 18 are playing video games than boys under age 18. 

It is a phenomenom that creaters have taken advantage of in every realm except Christianity, that is, until now. 

The YouTube famous twin brothers, Efraim and Ruben Meulenberg, otherwise known as the Tornado Twins, are pushing against the tide to create not only a Christian video game, but one of the highest-quality.

Tornado Twins
"People have said, 'This will never work.' Of course we've had quite a few of those. We don't really mention them out loud or make fun of them in a sense, but yeah, I mean if you say we're going to make the Bible into a game before you actually have anything to show, a lot of people will say, 'Naw you'll step on people's toes or this will never make big money.'” 

Tornado Twins
"The game industry is a little scared of going toward the religious. If there's any world religion or you're creating anything in that realm, they're a little bit afraid of it, whereas the film industry is much more easy going with that, as well as the music industry.”

The Tornado Twins took matters into their own hands, creating their own website to start funding, while they researched and began what has been a seven-year project so far. 

They want the game to be as accurate as possible,  recreating the music, setting and even the original ancient Hebrew language David would have spoken. Along the way, Christian companies have offered them millions of dollars to create the game according to their vision, but the twins are passionate about staying true to the game's identity as a story from the Bible.

Tornado Twins
"People say how could you say no to an offer of so much money? You could make the game in a heartbeat and be done, but actually it wasn't that hard to stay true to the integrity of the game and of the stories in the Bible in a sense. We wanted to do a really good job of finding out what the culture was like in that time and recreate that, not necessarily create an abstraction of Christian culture in any type of setting.”

They are backed by many supporters and have raised $48,360 out of their goal of $385,000. Thus, they currently have sufficient money for three of their eventual 10 episodes. While many of their sponsors are Christians, more than 30 percent of them are athiests or non-religious.

Tornado Twins
"A lot of the non-religious that funded our project say to me, 'The Bible, I don't believe in it. To me it's like greek mytholody, but I play games on greek mytholody so why wouldn't I play games on the Bible?' And I'm like, 'Yeah, why wouldn't you?' So we hope it lets people understand the Bible better, but also...and so it brings the world together.” 

That is the goal the Tornado Twins have: a game that unites the intelligence of game creators across the board, including those from Assassin's Creed and The LEGO® Movie Video Game, while believers and non-believers alike can truly enjoy a high-quality experience. 

Skype/ thegamebible.com