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Rome Reports

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This 26-minute program highlights the most important weekly stories on the Pope, the Vatican, and the Catholic Church, as seen through an international lens.

The program covers not only religious news, but also stories with ethical, humanitarian, cultural and artistic elements.

This weekly agile styled, modern and entertaining magazine has become in an audience success globally. Currently, the show is aired every week in the US, Brazil, South Korea, Hungary, Croatia, Dominican Republic and Panama among other countries. Request information to broadcast it in your TV channel. It has an audience of more than 50 million people around the world.


This service includes news stories between 1-2 minutes in length, featuring the day's most relevant information on the Pope, the Vatican and other news of social interest.

Television networks have immediate access to our broadcast-quality stories through our FTP program. There are around 675 news per year, a minimum of thirteen per week. Upon delivery, our news stories are completely edited and ready to air. There is also the option of replacing voice tracks with our client's local talent or to be translated into other languages. For translation english scripts are provided.


This service includes all stories listed under Breaking News, plus additional stories per week with more in-depth interviews and analysis. It includes stories on culture, art, current events, music, technology, etc. This service includes approximately 1,350 news per year, around 26 per week.


Would you like to have your own correspondent in Rome without the high costs of running an office in Italy? Rome Reports offers their own journalists to carry out exclusive correspondent services in different languages. This service is conducted as directed in the international section of your channel and using the microphone with your logo in all stand-ups and interviews.

The city of Rome is not only the neuralgic center of Italian politics, but it also hosts important international organizations (such as the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization, and the World Food Program).The city's cultural richness gives way to unlimited news stories on an array of topics, such as history, art or cuisine. Furthermore, as the beating heart of the Catholicism, it is a place of pilgrimage for millions of people. At ROME REPORTS, we also offer unparalleled coverage of the Pope's trips across the world.


ROME REPORTS also produces its own documentaries on social, religious and political issues in several languages. We have produced a number of documentaries on the lives and impact of recent Pontiffs. Upon request, our team can also produce independent documentaries. ROME REPORTS distributes documentaries from other production companies. Upon request, our team can also produce independent documentaries.


Pope Francis in His Own Words
80 min.
Benedict XVI: in honor of the truth
48 min.
Footprints of Jesus in Rome
46 min.
Leadership and Pope Francis
46 min.
On the border of hell, Christian persecution in Iraq
57 min.
Francis: The people's Pope
80 min.
The Secret of Therese
214 min.
John Paul the Great, a Pope who made history
87 min.
Benedict XVI, the love affair with the truth
42 min.
The year of two Popes
80 min.
God in China
182 min.
Holy week in Rome
61 min.
Christmas in Rome
1564 min.
Paul of Tarsus
80 min.
Pius XII and the Holocaust
35 min.
Bad apples: Dealing with sex abuse in the Church
67 min.
AIDS, Condoms and the Catholic Church
80 min.
The Revolution of John XXIII, the Second Vatican Council
138 min.



ROME REPORTS offers an extensive video archive with vast and historic images of Rome, the Pope and the Vatican

Technical support

ROME REPORTS guarantees technical support and assistance to television networks traveling to Italy on a temporary basis; including leasing of camera equipment, studios, signal distribution, graphic design, etc.

Production services

ROME REPORTS offers a professional team of cameramen, journalists and editors that can undertake any production task, such as interviews, outdoor recordings, television reports, live broadcasts, etc.