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Pope urges religious leaders to condemn any attack committed in the name of God


Everyone who attended this meeting with the pope belongs to very different religions. Despite this, they all have one thing in common, they work for charity.

President, Pont. Council Interreligious Dialogue
"Most Holy Father, thanks for having wished today's meeting and for welcoming these delegations consisting of representatives from diverse religions.”

The pope reminded Muslims, Jews, Buddhists and Hindus, that religions should stop conflicts and divisions by being messengers of peace and building bridges.

"So that it does not happen that more religions, through the behavior of some of its followers, convey a tuneless message, distinct from the message of mercy."

The pope referred to the attacks committed in the name of religion, and asked for them to always be unequivocally condemned.

"It's terrible to justify such barbarity that sometimes invokes the name of a religion or God Himself. Let us clearly condemn these evil behaviors that profane the name of God and defile the religious quest of man."

Pope Francis said they were not meeting with the mission of combining religions, but with the intention of knowing each other better and respecting each other more.

That's why, in order to end conflicts between believers, he proposed working together for charity, to defend full religious freedom, that is to allow people to follow other religions.

- BN