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Vatican redesigns formation program for future priests


This 91-page guide contains the new keys to selecting and training future priests in seminaries, after 46 years of using the previous requirements.

According to the person in charge of the text, Card. Beniamino Stella the document has two important ideas:

  • That attaining objectives is not tied to "the time spent in the seminary or to the studies completed,” but rather to an "overall integral maturity,” that he has received the characteristics that pertain to priestly identity and has a "Christian and priestly maturity.” 

  • Among other things, bishops and seminary rectors must ensure that the candidates meet both human and emotional conditions for exercising the priestly life: from living out the call to celibacy, to being willing to generously spend for the sake of others.

In this way the Vatican confirms that bishops should not ordain seminarians to priests who have "deeply rooted homosexual tendencies."

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