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Rome exposes the 150 most beautiful Christmas nativities in the world


Each Christmas for the past 40 years, there is a world exhibition of nativity scenes in Rome, and this year is no exception.

Held in the famous Piazza del Popolo, the varied exhibition, called "100 Presepi," always manages to surprise visitors.

Organizer, "100 Presepi"
"There are 150 manger scenes, all new, like every year. This year, they come from 40 countries and 13 regions of Italy.

"This year we have a great variety of nativity scenes that have attracted a lot of public attention."

There are traditional ones, big ones and small ones, but above all, they all are original. There are scenes made out of computer materials, others are made from fans and even one that is completely made out of pasta.

Organizer, "100 Presepi"
"They are made with paper cups, egg boxes, fans ... in short, a great variety.

One that seems to draw a lot of attention is the one made with pasta and rice. It's made completely from pasta, even inside with the houses, beds, tables, pictures ... I have to say it's a very skillful piece of work."

One peculiar manger has been built by ex-drug addicts and the scene is set in a prison, to show that Jesus is born everywhere.

Organizer, "100 Presepi"
"It's set in a prison, with all the cells and with words written on the walls. It's impressive. Baby Jesus is born there too."

Making a manger is not easy at all. The organizer of the exhibition, Maria Carla Menaglia, says that it is worth the effort, but it requires a lot of patience, imagination and effort.

If one is dedicated enough to make an original nativity scene, do not hesitate to send it to this exhibition. Who knows, perhaps next year you could get the prized trophy for the best manger scene in the world.