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Pope Francis to journalists: "We must break the circle of focusing on bad news"


Today the Vatican has announced the pope's message to media professionals on World Day of Social Communications. Participants included various journalists, including CNN's Delia Gallagher, who reflected on the challenges of journalism today.

CNN Correspondent
"The news has its progression, its times. We want the truth immediately, now, and this is not possible. To understand information, to understand it in all its context, it often takes time."

In his message, Pope Francis asks journalists to instill optimism in society, and to "break the circle of focusing on bad news." Ask to see the world with different eyes, eyes that convey hope.

Prefect, Secretariat for Communication
"The idea is to know how to move, reading reality in depth to open spaces of hope, true hope."

The pope says that instilling hope is not ignoring the drama of suffering nor falling into a naive optimism. He says good news is the one that helps to promote active and responsible attitudes in people. Life, he says is not merely a "succession of events.” Hence the title chosen for this message is "Communicating Hope and Trust in our Time."