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Pope Francis

Complete program of pope's trip to Fatima on May 12-13

March 20, 2017. The Vatican has published Pope Francis' program for his upcoming trip to Fatima.
Pope Francis

Pope Francis will travel to Egypt from 28 to 29 April 2017

March 18, 2017. In response to the invitation from the President of the Republic, the Bishops of the Catholic Church, His Holiness Pope Tawadros II and the Grand Imam of the Mosque of Al Azhar, Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed el-Tayyib, Pope Francis will make an Apostolic trip to the Arab Republic of Egypt from 28 to 29 April 2017, visiting the city of Cairo. The programme of the trip will be published shortly.
Pope Francis

Pope to meet with most powerful European leaders on March 24

March 3, 2017. On March 24 a historic meeting will take place between the pope and many of the most powerful heads of government throughout Europe. The meeting was announced by the Director of the Press Office of the Holy See, Greg Burke and will begin at 6 p.m. in the Sala Regia of the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican.

Rome recalls the propaganda that provoked anti-Semitism


On October 16, 1943, the Nazis parked their trucks in this Roman square. Hours later, they were filled with Jews destined to die in concentration camps. The house that witnessed this scene is now the location of an exhibition that shows how hatred and contempt for an entire race, in Hitler's Nazi Germany and Mussolini's Fascist Italy, were forged. 

A nutcracker in the form of a Jew, or this target to shoot at during fairs, are just a few examples of how evil can blind the minds of entire societies. 

Holocaust Museum 
"What was the novelty of Nazism and Fascism? The means that they used to communicate and reinforce this hatred. The mass media. They were a novelty then; today, the media's even more elaborate - between Internet and virtual reality - this media could be used with devastating results.”

However, Marcello Pezzetti points out that the anti-semitic propaganda was the result of two additional factors: a tradition already rooted in contempt against the Jews now joined by nationalist and racist ideologies. 

Few remember that the discriminatory policies of the Nazis produced a serious migratory crisis as the Jews fled Germany. In 1938, the United States convened a summit in Evian, France, where the attending countries agreed to increase their quota of Jewish immigrants. However, there were no major agreements and the conference failed. And almost one year later, World War II broke out. 

Holocaust Museum 
"The worst consequences came with the failure of migration policies, and above all when political attempts to solve this problem failed. The disaster started with the unsuccessful Evian Conference. When a peace conference ends badly we do not realize the disaster it represents.” 

The passage of the Nazis in the Eternal City has left scars that Rome does not want to forget. This exhibition is another example that is intended to help remember the mistakes of the past to prevent them from occurring in the future. 

The other important memory of the persecution of the Roman Jews is the "pietre d'inciampo” - the small, golden sanpietrini – on which you can read the name of a Jewish person deported and killed during World War II.