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Kerygma Awards recognizes short film about miscommunication

A bar, a couple and two cellphones. These few ingredients were more than enough for the short film "Dis-connectâ? to win the IV Edition of the Kerygma Awards. NICCOLO OLIVARES Director 'Dis-connect' "My friend came up with the  idea of the couple disapearing while they're using the phone. Which is basicly what happens when we use our phones: we forget about other people.â? This international short film competition calls on young people to reflect on topics like the value of silence and forgiveness. This year's theme was peace. The short film that won shows how sometimes technology is not that helpful when it comes to communication... NICCOLO OLIVARES Director 'Dis-connect' "Peace is a very large idea. But when we got to the very bottom maybe a very simplistic theme about relations between people, we thought: this is very important because it affects mostly everydayâ?.  Since its first edition, back in 2010, the Kerygma Awards gained quality and prestige. Celebrities like American actor Martin Sheen backed the project.  Its main goal is to give youth the opportunity to express themselves through cinema and also shed light on universal topics. JRB/PM Kerygma Awards FA -PR Up:AC