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Rome Reports

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Music, dance and Majorettes take over St. Peter's Square!

With music and dances, this Italian group cheered along at the end of Pope Francis' weekly general audience.  They took a bus, all the way from Sicily, hoping to show their skills before thousands of pilgrims. "We decided to come and visit the Pope because it was our life dream. And we decided to have this experience all together.â? But making it to the Vatican was not as easy as it seemed. With Rome's chaos and traffic, they didn't make it to the Square on time.  "Too many hours and a lot of traffic: we were too late!â? Even thought they didn't get to sit in their reserved front row seats, they did manage to walk into the Square and hear the Pope.  "He talked about unity, fraternity and peace, all of which are very important. He said we must stay together always, especially during hard times.â? So they next time they make plans to travel to Rome, they say they'll definitely take a plane instead.  "Ciao Papa Francescoâ? AFP/PM/KLH  AA VM -BN Up:AC