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Rome Reports

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Pope thanks Ethiopian and Eritrean bishops for helping those in need

Pope Francis met with the bishops of Ethiopia and Eritrea, in Rome for their "ad limina apostolorumâ? visit. The bishops gave the Pope four Ethiopian crosses, as well as liturgical vestments, hoping they made the right choice. "I think it will be your size.â? "It's said that the Pope has to have everyone's sizes. That's what theologians say.â? The Pope gave each bishops an individual gift. One of them was unable to hide his emotion at having Pope Francis before him, and didn't hesitate to compliment him. "Your Holiness, I like that you say 'good morning and have a good lunch.'â? "Right now is a bit too early to tell you 'have a good lunch.'â?  The Pope also gave them a copy of his speech, which reminds them that Christianity has been in their countries for centuries. It also states that even though they come from different countries, or rites, their mission is the same: to preach the Gospel, and promote unity and charity. Pope Francis thanked the Ethiopian and Eritrean Churches for their work in helping the poor, which "gives witness to the love of God among humans.â? RCA CTV VM -BN Up: KLH