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New phone app helps users overcome their addiction to smartphones

Though it may seem very ironic, a new phone app could help users overcome their addiction to their smartphone. It's estimated that seven in ten users under 45, have some sort of dependence on their phones. "We can't live without our phones.â? "You grab your purse, but you check to see if your phone is inside. If you don't have it, you gotta go back and get it.â? "The first thing when I get up in the morning and I think, well, I'll just quickly check the news, quickly check my emails.â? In response, two Spaniards created FaceUp, a phone app that helps decrease the time users spend on their smartphones. First, it offers a test to measure the level of dependency, and proposes a series of challenges to overcome it. For example, not using the phone during dinner with a group, not to use the phone from the bed, or leaving it aside in an intimate setting between small groups. While there are users who said they cannot live without their phones any longer, others don't consider it to be an addiction. "I think we can stop it if we want to. But it's not like we are playing games, and we have to, and look nervous if we don't. It's just we want to see what's going on and the lives of others.â? "We have to teach kids to not get so attached to electronics, the Playstation, or all these other things that don't contribute much. They have to get out, exercise, interact with people. But they also have to say where they are, what they're doing and with who. It's good to know that too.â? The application's motto is "Disconnect and live it out.â? FaceUp wants to make it easier for phone users to look up, away from the screen, and towards other people. YJA/RCA MG JM -PR Up: YJA