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Pope to Ambassadors: It's absurd to promote peace, and the sale of weapons

The Pope welcomed seven new ambassadors to the Holy See at the Vatican.  The ambassadors are from Switzerland, Liberia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Jamaica, South Africa and India. The Pope said that before peace talks are considered, the sale of weapons must stop.  POPE FRANCIS "It would be absurd to engage in peace talks and negotiations, but then, at the same time promote or allow weapons trade.â? He then said, he's concerned about the situation of refugees, adding that human rights cannot just be talked about, but defended.  POPE FRANCIS "We could also say that it's somewhat cynical to talk about human rights, but then at the same time ignore the men and women who are forced to leave their country and who die along the journey. Or those who are not welcomed by the international community.â?  The Pope then added that wars and conflicts are often tied to forced migration, adding one should not limit their actions to emergency responses.  JRB/KLH  CTV JM -BN Up:JRB #Papa