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Vatican foundation: the more trust the lower the costs within companies

A group of academics, economists and Church leaders met to discuss how to incorporate fraternity and solidarity into the workplace. When he met with the group, Pope Francis summed up the goal of the three-day Vatican conference. POPE FRANCIS "A Christian entrepreneur is called to always apply the Gospel to the reality he's working in: and the Gospel asks that we place people and the common good first, to do his part to create employment opportunities, jobs with dignity.â? The gathering was organized by the Centesimus Annus Pro-Pontifice Foundation. John Paul II established it two decades ago to spread the Church's social doctrine. This year, organizers had a concrete plan of action. THOMAS RUSCHE German entrepreneur "To develop a hand book for business people in society, for those who have responsibilities in firms, so that they can really understand, and to build trust within their company.â? Participants in the conference talked about how trust within a company can lead to a better understanding in the workplace. This, participants said, can results in a "society of serving.â? THOMAS RUSCHE German entrepreneur "Modern economists look at the transaction costs. Economists show us that, the more trust, as within family, the more trust, as within society, in a business company, the lower the costs are.â? DOMINGO SUGRANYES President, Centesimus Annus Pro-Pontefice  "It's not easy because many businesses and economic groups are fighting to survive during these tough times. But it's indispensable, because if not, the balance and sustainability of social life will be threatened in the long-term.â? Organizers said the ideas they discussed are not exclusive to Catholics. Now that the conference is over, the foundation will start reaching out to business leaders to share their ideas. RCA CTV JM -PR Up: YJA