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Rome Reports

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Pope Francis prays for peace before the Western Wall

The Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem welcomed Pope Francis to the Western Wall, the only remain of the Temple of Jerusalem. Volunteers explained the Pope the significance of this historic place. Minutes after, the Rabbi recited a psalm that described Jerusalem as a Holy City blessed by God. Pope Francis got closer to the Wall and prayed in silence. He also left a written prayer, where he asked the "God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God and Jesus of Nazarethâ? for peace to Jerusalem. When he finished praying, his friend, Argentinian Rabbi Abraham Skorka, gave him a hug. And though he didn't get close to the Wall, Argentinian Muslim leader Omar Abboud was also present. A close friend of the Pope, he is a member of the Vatican's delegation in his trip to the Holy Land. Pope Francis wrote a psalm and left a message in the guestbook. He wrote that he was thankful to his "elder brothers,â? and that he asked the Lord for "the gift of peace.â?  Before saying goodbye the Chief Rabbi congratulated him for his knowledge of Judaism. JMB/PM CTV VM - BN Up: YJA