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Rome Reports

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Francis to bestow pallium on new metropolitan Archbishops

The feast of Saint Peter and Saint Paul will be on June 29th. A ceremony will be celebrated at the Vatican in which the Pope will bestow the pallium on the metropolitan Archbishops named in the last year.  The pallium is a tailored cloak made from the wool of lambs blessed by the Pope on the feast of Saint Agnes on January 21st. It is placed over the shoulders of the new archbishops who come from all over the world for this moment.  LIST OF ARCHBISHOPS WHO WILL RECEIVE THE PALLIUM: 1. Msgr. Victor Henry THAKUR, Archbishop of Raipur (India) 2. Msgr. José Rafael QUIRí?S QUIRí?S, Archbishop of San José de Costa Rica (Costa Rica) 3. Msgr. Giuseppe FIORINI MOROSINI, O.M., Archbishop of the region of Calabria-Bova (Italy) 4. Msgr. Leo W. CUSHLEY, Archbishop of Saint Andrews and Edinburgh (Scotland) 5. Msgr. Jaime SPENGLER, O.F.M., Archbishop of Porto Alegre (Brazil) 6. Msgr. Jean-Luc BOUILLERET, Archbishop of Besaní§on (France) 7. Msgr. Leonard Paul BLAIR, Archbishop of Hartford (U.S.A.) 8. Msgr. Gabriel â??Leke ABEGUNRIN, Archbishop of Ibadan (Nigeria) 9. Msgr. Sebastian Francis SHAW, O.F.M., Archbishop of Lahore (Pakistan) 10. Msgr. Franz LACKNER, O.F.M., Archbishop of Salzburg (Austria) 11. Msgr. Thomas Luke MSUSA, S.M.M., Archbishop of Blantyre (Malawi) 12. Msgr. Benjamin Marc Balthason RAMAROSON, C.M., Archbishop of Antsiranana (Madagascar) 13. Msgr. René Osvaldo REBOLLEDO SALINAS, Archbishop of La Serena (Chile) 14. Msgr. Marlo M. PERALTA, Archbishop of Nueva Segovia (The Philippines) 15. Msgr. Emmanuel OBBO, Archbishop of Tororo (Uganda) 16. Msgr. Daniel Fernando STURLA BERHOUET, S.D.B., Archbishop of Montevideo (Uruguay) 17. Msgr. Marco ARNOLFO, Archbishop of Vercelli (Italy) 18. Msgr. Damian Denis DALLU, Archbishop of Songea (Tanzania) 19. Msgr. Romulo T. DE LA CRUZ, Archbishop of Zamboanga (The Philippines) 20. Msgr. Malcolm Patrick McMAHON, O.P., Archbishop of Liverpool (England) 21. Msgr. Paul Bí?I VÄ?N ĐOC, Archbishop of Thí nh-Phí´ Hí´ Chí­ Minh, Hí´chiminh Ville (Vietnam) 22. Msgr. Wojciech POLAK, Archbishop of Gniezno (Poland) 23. Msgr. José Luiz Majella DELGADO, C.SS.R., Archbishop of Pouso Alegre (Brazil) 24.Msgr. Agustinus AGUS, Archbishop of Pontianak (Indonesia) Archbishops who won't be present at the ceremony: 25. Msgr. Tarcisius Gervazio ZIYAYE, Archbishop of Lilongwe (Malawi) 26. Msgr. Nicholas MANG THANG, Archbishop of Mandalay (Burma) 27. Msgr. Stephan BURGER, Archbishop of Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany) JRB/JAE RR VM -PR Up: #Vaticano