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Father Reginaldo, the most famous priest in Brazil

Reginaldo Manzotti is a writer, singer, television and radio host; but above all that, he's a priest. Twenty five years since his ordination, this priest says all methods can be used to talk about God. He has released eight albums. One of them, Sacred Signs, was a top the end-of-year tallies for 2010 in all of Brazil. His work on the airwaves also attracts wider audiences. His radio show, "God's Experience,� is among the most popular, and airs across 1300 Brazilian stations. His concerts are also unlike others. They always start off with Mass. As if that didn't keep him busy, Fr. Reginaldo also presides the "Evangelizing is Necessary� Association, which promotes the use of technology through dioceses in Brazil. He's taken his knowledge of technology to reach out to as many people as possible. Case and point, Fr. Reginaldo has over 3.3 million Facebook fans, and growing... MZ/RCA REGINALDO MANZOTTI JM -PR Up: MZ