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Rome Reports

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First Interreligious Match for Peace is a success

The first Interreligious Match for Peace, which took place in Rome, saw the participation of many soccer legends. Players from all over the world and from different religions did not want to miss the chance to play this unique event, which had many special moments.  -Pope Francis, which one is Heaven's team? -I don't know. The emotion from meeting the Pope before the game was an energy boost for the players. Many of them couldn't contain their excitement.  SAMUEL ETO'O Soccer Player "I am very, very happy. I am excited.â? ANDREA PIRLO Soccer player "Everybody wins, the important message is that of peaceâ?. "It's exciting, it is truly a great joy to be here on this day and it leaves us with many beautiful things.  -â?Did the Pope also bless your team, Atlético?â? "No, I think a blessing for life and for the people that need it is much more important.â? There was no lack of Argentinians at the meeting, especially Diego Maradona, who was cheered before and during the game.  Not only soccer players were present. Several music stars also contributed to the special event.  NEK Singer "Indifference means to hate. We understand that we cannot allow it in today's world. This is the meaning of this match and the meaning of my presence here.â? VIOLETA Singer "It was an incredible time and an incredible experience. I am very happy to have participated here.â? The match ended with a 3 â?? 6 victory for P.U.P.I but left many memorable moments for thousands of people. Among them, the very players who, thanks to their sport, fought for peace and against discrimination.  YJA/JAE RR FA -PR Up: PM