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Conference promotes better ways to educate children from all walks of life

Providing today's youth with the tools to succeed in the future was the main goal of the Scholas conference at the Vatican.  The event saw the participation of teachers and organizations from across the globe that are coming together to achieve the initiative promoted by Pope Francis.  BRIAN GALLAGHER CEO, United Way Worldwide "Scholas has a vision around uniting. And quite honestly, it is important to us that the Pope is a sponsor because he can project a message that increasingly is universal, way beyond the Catholic Church because of how his papacy has begun.â? Government officials were also on hand at the conference, hoping to continue the success of the educational project in their own countries.  LUIS ALONSO CRUZ Institute for High Education, El Salvador "We have had a good start and we hope that it continue so that in the future, in the long term, it can be a great success. It is what we all need, as an institution and as a country.â? One of the main organizers of the event was Futbol Forever, which is based in El Salvador. The foundation promotes integration and education through sports. Its president, Alejandro Gutman, highlighted the need for integration as the only way to fight against poverty.  ALEJANDRO GUTMAN President, Futbol Forever "Basically what we have been doing is creating a culture of integration and we understanding that it is the only way out of poverty. If those who are inside, who live in poor communities, don't come out, and those outside do not come in, there is no possibility for development.â? Gutman presented part of the working document of the Scholas Conference, stressing the need to continue to work in "educating those most vulnerable.â? He also presented a soccer jersey to Pope Francis on behalf of students from El Salvador.  JAE MG/AA -BN FA Up: PM