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Rome Reports

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Thousands of pilgrims celebrate in Rome the beatification of Álvaro del Portillo

Pilgrims from all over the world travel to Madrid to take part in the beatification of ílvaro del Portillo. Afterward they came to Rome to pray before the remains of the Blessed. Most of them took advantage of their trip to the Eternal City and went to the weekly General Audience. They all wanted to thank Pope Francis for the beatification. "I'm so happy to be here for the celebration of one man, Don ílvaro del Portillo, a Catholic who has done great things for our country Nigeria. He opened many schools, he built hospitals for us, he is like a kind of role model to me.â? This group with traditional outfits came all the way from Peru. More than 6,000 miles away from home they asked Don ílvaro to help them become good Christians. "We asked Don ílvaro that we may be better daughters of God, better daughters of the Church and better daughters of the Pope. So that can become saints in the world. This is the youth Pope Francis and the Church need to re-evangelize the world.â? This group of young Mexicans also joined the celebrations. They all see Blessed ílvaro del Portillo as a role model. "Don ílvaro was an example of how someone who comes from a humble place can become a Saint. He also taught us how to sanctify our work.â? Whether from Nigeria, Peru or Mexico, they're all very excited about the beatification. After spending some more days in Rome, they will return to their homes with a lot of stories to tell. YJA AA FA -PR Up: MPI