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Lianna goes throughout the United States spreading a moving pro-life message

Lianna Rebolledo was raped at the age of 12. Two men kidnapped her in a car and threatened her with a knife.  Traumatized, she attempted to commit suicide. She was at the hospital when she found out she was pregnant.  LIANNA REBOLLEDO "They told me "you don't have to live with the consequences, you don't have to have the child of someone you don't know, you don't know what kind of genes they have, what type of blood they have, you're going to carry this for the rest of your life.â? At first I didn't understand why they told me this. Then they said: "Have an abortion and end this problemâ?. I asked myself, if I do that, will I get rid of this pain? Am I not going to remember the pain? Will I be able to sleep? Will I be able to go outside? A nurse told her to listen to her baby's heartbeats. At that moment, Lianna realized that what was in her womb was a new life.  Her daughter Jeanette, she says, is the hope she needed to move on with her life. It was her daughter who returned the joy and strength to cope with the tragedy she went through. LIANNA REBOLLEDO "Yes, all women have the right to decide. We have the right to decide where we will live, who we want to marry or where we want to study. But we do not have to right take the life of  other human beings that don't have a voice to defend themselves.  Through her emotional story, Lianna travels throughout the United States talking about the value of life.  MPI/JAE You Tube FA -PR Up: PM