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Rome Reports

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New lights in the Sistine Chapel allows visitors to see it like never before

The Sistine Chapel...Like you've never seen it before. 450 years after the death of Michelangelo, the Vatican Museums have given a new light to his most iconic masterpiece.  MARCO FRASCAROLO Lighting Designer, Sistine Chapel Project "It is surrounding light, in the sense that it leans in a soft way around the whole Sistine Chapel. Not only on the surface of the most important frescoes, like the Final Judgement, but also on the entire area. Now the visual perception is correct.â? 7,000 LED lights allow for colors to stand out in the Chapel. Above all, they don't damage the paintings nor endangers their conservation.  Additionally, a new air conditioning system  will regulate the temperature and humidity. FR. RAFAEL GARCíA DE LA SERRANA Technical Services, Vatican City "Unfortunately, the level of pollution in Rome is high. It's necessary to treat the air, clean it, purify it, before it enters the Sistine Chapel.â? After three years of work, the Sistine Chapel debuts a much more "customizedâ? lighting and air system.  From now on, the 2,000 visitors that admire the chapel every hour will see Michelangelo's masterpiece as it was intended to be seen.  PM/JAE AA VM -PR Up:PM #Art