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FaithCounts.net: An original place to share your faith

Faith can take many forms and shapes, and the online platform FaithCounts.net offers users a chance to share their stories of faith and how it has impacted their lives. Users can submit their own entries in a number of formats, including videos and inspirational quotes.  The social media campaign shares powerful and inspiring messages, meant to highlight the involvement of faith in everyday life.  Among those involved in the campaign is four-time Olympic gold medalist Missy Franklin, who shared a video about how her faith motivates and fuels her. MISSY FRANKLIN Four-time Olympic Gold Medalist "Religion wasn't a huge part of my childhood growing up, but faith is not something that you're born with. It's something that you find. FLASH I found my faith here, now I take it with me into every part of my life.â? FaithCounts.net is comprised of faith communities representing over 100 million Americans, including Mormons, Catholics and Protestants. Future campaigns will include testimonies by other influential figures, including kidnapping survivor Elizabeth Smart. CA FaithCounts.net SV -PR Up: MPI