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Vatican launches a graduate degree on Archeology in Barcelona

For the first time, the Vatican has launched a graduate degree where students can learn all about...archeology! The 'Antoni Gaudí­' School, in Barcelona, Spain, opened its doors on October 6th. FR. ARMAND PUIG Dean, Facultad Antoni Gaudí­ "It was a very important day for us: it was the last step of a dream we've been working on for the last months. At this moment we have a Theology School, a Philosophy School and now the 'Antoni Gaudí­' School, where Christian humanism is taught. All three work together and can bear good fruit for the Church in Spain and Catalonia.â? Cardinal Lluí­s Martí­nez Sistach is the Chancellor of this University. Every degree that is given follows the standards of the Holy See and the European Union. There are also 22 professors who teach at the school. FR. ARMAND PUIG Dean, Facultad Antoni Gaudí­  "In 2003, the Holy See signed the Bologna Process, which resulted in the creation of the European Higher Education Area. Our School adheres to that program without any difficulty. It's done in agreement with the indications of the Holy See. We're convinced that the Bologna Process will help the new faculty meet within the European frame.â? Aside from Archeology, the School also offers a degree on History of the Church as well as Christian Art. MPI/PM/JA Facultad Antoni Gaudí­ SV -PR Up: MPI