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Marriage between a man a woman: Strong families, lead to strong societies

Hundreds of experts are shedding light on why marriage is a union based between a man and a woman. It's part of a three day Vatican conference that brings together people from 23 countries and 14 religions.    JONATHAN SACKS Former Chief Rabbi (England) "When you get traditions that different, agreeing on something, you can be pretty sure that something is true and valid and fundamental.â? The conference titled 'Humanum' is meant to highlight the innate compatibility between a man and a woman, not only in marriage, but in family life.   Expert say the decline in the marriage and the family, ultimately leads to a decline of society.  JONATHAN SACKS Former Chief Rabbi (England) "There is no way a society can carry on this way. The West has embarked on an experiment that it hasnâ??t tried since pre-Christian times, we are either back in 3rd century BC Greece or in first century Rome.â?  In light of the cultural shift seen in many countries, speakers say the conference is also an opportunity for people of faith to embrace self- reflection.  JACQUELINE COOKE-RIVERS Director Seymour Institute (U.S.A) "We have not championed justice for homosexuals and that we have some repenting to do. Does that mean that we need to transform the meaning of marriage contrary to the divine order? No.â? In his opening address, Pope Francis highlighted that marriage is anthropological factor that shouldn't be modified based on ideologies that over time crumble.  KLH AA VM -PR Up:JRB #Vatican