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Three day conference on complimentary role of men and women, concludes

It was a conference that brought together hundreds of people, from 23 countries and 14 religions. All together in the Vatican to highlight why marriage is based on the complimentary roles between a man and a woman.  TIM BUSCH Founder NAPA Institute (USA) "What our society, politically is trying to do, is redefine who a male is and who a female is and thereby redefine marriage, when in fact those may exist, but they have nothing to do with the complimentary nature of what God did.â? A total of 40 speakers came forward, to shed light on how despite their theological differences and even cultures, they all agree on the need to speak out and directly promote family life and marriage.  DR. HARSHAD SANGHRAKJA Institute of Jainology (UK) "The subject matter is being accepted by all faiths, but not being pronounced by any faiths.â? TIM BUSCH Founder NAPA Institute (USA) "I think it was that diversity. it wasnâ??t just homogeneous faces. It was the face of every place all over the world  and culture from all over the world, but weâ??re all saying the same thing and thinking about the same thing, which isnâ??t surprising.â? From an emotional, to a physical and even sexual dimension, speakers talked about why marriage between a man and a woman is something ingrained in humanity's DNA.  KALA ARCHARYA Somaiaya Bharatiya Sanskriti (India) "Man cannot be perfect without woman, she is part of his life. In the same way women cannot be perfect, without man. Both together, make life meaningful.â?  A total of six films were presented in the meeting. They were specifically produced for the conference to show how people from different cultures, religions and ethnicities, concur that marriage and family is the fabric of society. Furthermore they made a commitment to not just talk about this, but rather to promote it and take action.  KLH  AA JM -PR Up:PM