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Pope Francis explains how to achieve true repentance

In his Tuesday morning Mass, Pope Francis talked about repentance. He said that only those who repent accept Salvation. He went even further explaining what it really means to reject one's sins.  POPE FRANCIS "If you don't listen to the Lord, if you donâ??t accept correction and if you do not trust Him, your heart has not yet repented.â?  The Pope concluded that Jesus condemned the hypocrites who called themselves 'pure' but lived a double life.  EXCEPRT OF THE POPE'S HOMILY (Source: Vatican Radio) "These people cannot receive Salvation. They are closed to Salvation. â??I will leave within you the meek and humble; they will trust in the name of the Lordâ?? throughout their lives. And that is still  Valid today, isnâ??t it? When we look at the holy people of God that is humble, that has its riches in its faith in the Lord, in its trust in the Lord - the humble, poor people that trust in the Lord: these are the ones who are saved and this is the way of the Church, isnâ??t it? This is the path I must follow, not the path in which I do not listen to His voice, do not accept correction and do not trust in the Lord." "If your heart is not a repentant heart, if you do not listen to the Lord, if you donâ??t accept correction and you do not trust in Him, your heart is unrepentant. These hypocrites who were scandalized by what Jesus said about the tax collectors and the prostitutes, but then secretly approached them to vent their passion or to do business - but all in secrecy - were pure! The Lord does not want them." "He listened to the Lord, he always followed His will, he gave to the Lord, and the Lord said to him: 'there is still one thing you have not given meâ??. And the poor man who was good said: 'But, Lord, what is it that I have not given you? I have given you my life, I work for the poor, I work for catechesis, I work here, I work there ... â?? 'But there is something you have not  given me yet' .- 'What is it Lord? 'Your sins'. When we will be able to say to the Lord: 'Lord, these are my sins â?? they are not his or hers, they are mineâ?¦ They are mine. Take them and I will be saved'- when we will be able to do this we will be that people, â??that meek and humble people', that trusts in the Lord's name. May the Lord grant us this grace." PM CTV JM -BN Up: MPI #Pope